my life as a Indian
My name is Matoka. My eyes are as black as a starlit sky, my hair is as black as the black sea, and my skin is as brown as the fur of a white tailed deer. My great father Powhatan is out hunting with the other men.  My mother, sisters and I are preparing our midday meal.  Other women in the tribe are making clay pots.  My father has sent two men to spy on the "coat wearers" as I call them.  Other women are collecting corn, beans, and squash in the fields.  Men usually bring back white tailed deer and such.  I prepared it by taking the skin off and put the meat on a spit over the fire. A little later...........

cooking the meal
After two hours of watching the deer my mother helps me bring it to the table. Now we lay out turtle shells and baskets filled with fish, corn beans, deer and squash. Usually we just eat when where hungry but after a hard day for everyone  we're all hungry!  After our meal the medicine  man told us stories of  the old days. Both men and women danced men with war hammers, ladies with shawls. Then it is time to go to bed our yahakin is cozy, warm and filled with joy and now I am ready for tomorrow.

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