John Smith got stung by a sting ray fainted and then ate it.   Pocahontas married John Ralph.   Pocahontas saved John Smith's life by telling her Pa to stop aiming rocks at him. Pocahontas's name as a English girl was Rebecca.   John Smith almost died by gun powder . Pocahontas had a baby boy be born .
HIs name was Thomas
We are opening presents. Later that day........  I met a new friend her name was Anna. She is 10. We always play with each other.
It is Christmas eve. I am so excited. Sara and Ben told me what they got me. Sara got me a doll and Ben got me a pair of 
. shoes. Witch they made.
In my house I have a dinner table,3 beds,and one fire place .My house is made of log. I am alwaways cozy in my house.
I really wonder what I am getting for Christmas? I hope I get a new gown.                                                                                           Later that day..............    Speaking of what I want to wear,  I am wearing a bonnet, a long blue gown , tights and a pettie coat
Games I play are catch, hide and seek, tag, play with dolls and play checkers.
My chores are make food, make bed, wash dishes and clean clothes.
A couple of days later we made a house and made corn, corn cakes, berries, deer,  turkey , fish, squash, beans, crab, clams and  oysters. 
Right when we got on land we saw running naked people.
Four months later we saw land!!! Ma , Pa, Sara and Ben and I were so excited to see land!