They did not know our language . We did not know what was the thing they sailed on. I saw  girls named Mary and Sarah. They told me something about Christmas. I asked my dad "what is Christmas?"  He said he has heard of it. I gave Sarah and Mary these presents:  deer skin , hats, blankets. This is my last time I will do this. My dad caught me.
My dad got his best  men to see. We did not know who it was. This is the last time I will do this. This is the last time I will see my brother. I am sad because the Englishmen took him.
Hi!  My name is Summerheart.  I woke up.  It was dark.  It was cold.  I cooked  breakfast.  When I was cooking breakfast, I heard something come up on shore.  I told my dad.  
Hi, my name is Summerheart. I have black hair, brown eyes, tan skin.I am 17 years old from the Powhatan tribe.


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    November 2012