Some sparks got on the floor.Then it burnt the whole ship.So I tried to get off the ship but some wood fell on my legs.I could not move my legs.But the ship was about to sink.So I grabbed a barrel and I swam to freedom.

I am an African slave.Let me tell you about my life.When I was taking care of my mother my whole town  caught on fire.I think some people put some torches on the floor.They separated me and my mom.Then they put me on a ship.Then a sign said supper for dinner.I was not really worried about that.So this man tied me up and said we know youre playing tricks John.I did not know who was John.Then I said my name is Montaz Shay.They did not believe me.Next they put me on paddle job.So I went down stairs and I did the job.So I was taking one paddle out ,I put some fire on it by a fire torch because it was dark in the room.


    Write something about yourself. No need to be fancy, just an overview.


    November 2012