Today I woke up feeling my deer skin blanket. I am a Powhatan Indian.My name is Sunny River, I am 9 years old. I  use to hunt with Powhatan but now that the coatwearers are here I can't. Yesterday I saw Pocahontas sneaking out of the village so I followed her.She went and saw the coatwearers. She even talked to him! His name is John Smith,I am going to go try to talk to him.
This is what the normal villagers had as a home. I have a fancier one because I am Powhatan's daughter.
John Smith sent a letter to Pocahontas that I have to deliver, it said.....
April 25,1608 
Dear Pocahontas,
You are my best friend. Meet me at the courtyard at 2:00 P.M.
John Smith
P.S. Thank you for saving my life!!!

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    Author: Ally Keating

    My name is Ally Keating. i love my class and teacher and this has been really fun! I hope you enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!


    November 2012