Today I had to do 20 chores!!! Here is what I did:
1.get dressed
2. wake the chickens
3.feed the chickens
4. gather the chicken eggs
5.cook the eggs and provide breakfast
7.wash the dishes
8.dry the dishes
9.get Powhatan's bow and arrow ready 
10.tend to the gardens
11.harvest the crops
12.prepare lunch
13.serve lunch
14.clean the dishes 
15.put the deer on the "stove"
16.wash the clothes 
17.hang up the clothes
18.make Powhatan a fresh cup of tea
19.take off the deer on the stove
20.serve the dinner
This is what my brothers did while I did some of my chores.

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    Author: Ally Keating

    My name is Ally Keating. i love my class and teacher and this has been really fun! I hope you enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!


    November 2012